LimeCon 2016 and the “Path of Lime”

Published on February, 2016

LimeCon 2016 organized by Bharat Lime Association (BLA),India has been held on 19 & 20 February 2016 at Mumbai Hilton International Airport.
For this important event, Cimprogetti has deployed a large delegation from Italy composed by Luca Sarandrea (Technical Director), Paolo Caimi (Sales Director), Giovanni Montiglio (Senior Sales & Application Manager), and from India with Mr. Nagaraja Rao (Cimprogetti’s consultant for India, Chairman of LimeCon2016 and Hon. Vice-President of Bharat Lime Association) and our Indian commissioning team with Mr.  Mazhar Khan, Mr.  Karade Puttuswamy, Mr. Krishna Naik L., Mr. Renji James Daniel.

The Indian Lime&Dolo Conference has stepped up the business action and catalyzed the stakeholders to review all opportunities and challenges of the Indian Lime Industries.
Cimprogetti has been supporting for decades this ambitious target and is now committed in tracing the “path of lime”.
Receptive to the needs to predict the lime quality, a new interdisciplinary approach is been developed having the overall goal to extract data set and transform them into an understandable instrument and thus envisage the final industrial applications of quicklime and hydrated lime.
Cimprogetti is collecting this knowledge in a unique database…. the new Stone-AGE™.