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The participation of prominent national and foreign groups in the company's stock has cemented Cimprogetti's impeccable reputation. At the same time, Cimprogetti has always represented a mix of development opportunities: the continuity and reliability of the company, its culture of tackling international issues regardless of language, accounting systems (HGB, IAS) and financial methods, the ISO quality system, its managerial ability, cultural background and the absolute transparency of budgets, and, last but not least, the shareholders working in the company, were our visit card to attract and also support our development.

In the early sixties the Italian economy reached its maximum level of expansion, giving rise to the phenomenon known as the "economic miracle". Of course this was not an exclusively Italian phenomenon, but a particularly favorable international situation that manifested as the Italian production system reached maximum efficiency.
Compared to other countries, however, Italy experienced unrivalled acceleration in the growth of its gross domestic product.
It is in this context that Cimprogetti was founded.

The beginnings of Cimprogetti saw a pioneer phase, from the creation to the start-up, from a simple limited partnership company to a joint stock company in 1971, before the creation of the first Board of Directors in 1974.

It was a very interesting period fuelled by strong entrepreneurial initiatives, when the desire to attack the market was powerful and felt by all members of staff.

Internationalization was already a reality for Cimprogetti in 1975, when  revenues from foreign countries represented 74% of its turnover. In 1978 a "Resident Manager" was established in Mexico City and in 1980 Cimprogetti de Mexico SA was established.

Initially, Cimprogetti consolidated its position in the  domestic market with the supply of single shaft lime kilns, three-stages hydrators and packing machines.
During the following 10 years, Cimprogetti continued its impressive growth by expanding its technological range with the introduction of rotary kilns and, most importantly, the new Twin Shaft Regenerative lime kilns called Cim-ReverSy® and Twin-D®.

1982 saw Cimprogetti complete its turn-key project in Bahrain of the largest lime plant in the Middle East (13 Million US Dollars).

From 1983, under the leadership of FIAT ENGINEERING S.p.A. and with the experience and contacts of UNICEM,  the group experienced a busy period with increasing expectations.

Furthermore, in the second half of the 80s, Cimprogetti was the first of any of its competitors to introduce Computerized Control of its lime plants.

In 1989, the new Twin-D kiln design was released and installed at two locations in Italy.

In 1993, the first 400 tpd Twin-D kiln was designed and installed in a major steel mill in India.

In 1993, Cimprogetti confirmed its international status as it become a part of  the Austrian RCE and then RHI AG.

In 2000, Cimprogetti broadened its horizons to the east, selling its first lime plant in the P.R. of China.

In 2002, Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, Frankfurt/Main purchased RHI AG’s engineering business - the market-leading Austrian company in the refractories sector.
This newly-created entrepreneurial Group consists of six business units and was managed by Hochtemperatur Engineering GmbH (HTE) in Wiesbaden, Germany.
The companies of this Group develop and construct furnaces, equipment and components for high temperature processes – specifically for steelmaking, metallurgical processes and finishing of metals, lime production, power plants and the petrochemical industry.

In 2009 the largest kiln ever designed by Cimprogetti, known as the Cim-ReVerSy-TD 500 tpd, was launched and supplied to customers in Italy, China and India.

In 2011, the latest Cim-RD kilns series of 600 tpd capacity, featuring circular cross section and “pillarless” refractory design, were successfully commissioned at renowned steel mills in India.

In 2012, the new Cim-TD FS kiln met market demand and was supplied to customers in Far East.

Having been owned by various foreign proprietors - RCE, RHI, HTE and, most recently, FMW Industrieanlagenbau (Austria) - Cimprogetti returned to 100% Italian ownership in January 2015.

In 2016, establishment of Cimprogetti of India Pvt. Ltd., with the exclusive representation of Cimprogetti Srl for equipment, plants and technical services in the territory of India, Bangladesh and other areas, in addition to the direct execution of technical assistance to its customers. 2016 sees also the 1st hydrator for the production of High-BET hydrated lime supplied in Europe for FGD application.

Since March 27th, 2017 the governance of Cimprogetti is assumed by a new Board of Directors. The new governance was created to better highlight the general situation of the company towards the stakeholders and the customers.

In 2017, Cimprogetti celebrates 50 years of successful activities.

In 2018, The first Cim-Hydrax-COMPACT, a modular hydration plant, is supplied for a prominent company in Colombia.

In 2023, Cimprogetti's advanced technology and commitment to innovation received recognition through the acquisition of three major contracts from leading lime producer groups. As a result, the ultimate Vanguard kiln design was introduced to both the Italian and USA markets.

In 2024, Cimprogetti shifted its business structure from a Limited Liability Company to a Public  Limited Company. This transformation reflects significant growth in recent years and demonstrates the strength of its corporate community. This new phase in the organization's evolution paves the way for Cimprogetti to tackle future decisions and initiatives with increased energy and a progressive outlook.