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Worldwide Presence

References in 60 countries across 5 continents




Turnover by Business Area

229 Lime Kilns
North America + Europe : 94 units
South America + Central / East Europe : 23 units
Aftrica + Middle East : 27 units
Asia + Oceania : 85 units

169 Hydration Plants
North America + Europe : 103 units
South America + Central / East Europe : 30 units
Aftrica + Middle East : 16 units
Asia + Oceania : 20 units

more than 700 ancillary equipment and plants...


Combustion systems
vs. World tendency

The clock is ticking: oil, coal and gas will not last forever.
Cimprogetti is prospecting new technologies to produce lime in suitable environment.
We are currently operating kilns with non-traditional fuels such as sawdust and lean gas... the Cimprogetti’s answer to world demand for “greener plants”.




World Lime Production

In 2014, the leading lime producing countries were China, USA, India, Russia and Brazil.
Although there is an increase in the use of lime in the mining and environmental industry worldwide, there is a decline in the metallurgical sector.

Data source:
U.S. Geological Survey, Mineral Commodity Summaries, January 2017




Lime uses in the European Union





Data source: EULA, The European Lime Outlook, October 2014




Employees’ Educational Level

18 Master’s Degrees
    4 Bachelor’s Degrees
18 Secondary School Diplomas
    5 Professional Qualifications


employees qualification


Research & Development

Cimprogetti Srl was one of Italy’s 451 SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to be officially recognised as


foreseen by the Italian Law 33/2015, Art. 4, para. 1.




Patents & Trademarks

19 Patents filed since 1982

34 Trademarks filed since 1987




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